Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ringling & Barnum



Written down they look very different.

Sartorially however only a very slim line separates them.

Take heed.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Say No Go.

London is sunny today.

It feels warm.

Lunch at St John's was good... Elderberry beer, Breton cider*, beef, horseradish & grey wet salt, great company and conversation touching on fanzines, disco, house, Victorian denim, old shirts, old flags and even a bit of empire related philosophy (see * - they must be connected).

Footwear was well represented principally Derby and Oxford's, leather and suede.

I've mentioned elsewhere that we should make our own rules, so let's avoid making one now and see an equation we used a napkin to slave over;

Flips Flops + Chap + London = Total Charlie

It seems insane a naked woman would be arrested but this sort of social transgression can go unchallenged.

If you have to put a bit of the Cote d'Azur on your feet or a slice of EspaƱa on your soles (and why wouldn't you) try something like these:

Speak to the boys on Tib Street for more details.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Overall success...

A winning trilogy...

(Peter Gregg & Hurley Haywood, 1972)

Rayban, Gucci and overalls.

I've never been a Gucci fan but this is a persuasive case... I may give it go but I think I'm gonna struggle in EC1.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pinch don't Plump

A smaller knot is cleaner, straight forward with no fuss.

The Windsor Knot on the other hand was invented to create something it never was.

The Duke of Windsor didn't use a Windsor knot. Nor did he dream up the knot.
He used a four in hand (the standard school boy approach) but had his ties made up in thicker cloth to make a bigger knot.

The Windsor Knot however was concocted to create the same effect with a standard tie.

It was for imposters.

London estate agents take note.

Here's Terry* showing off slim knottery at it's best!

*An imposter of sorts (TT pulled it off) but I'll return to imposters, good & bad, another day...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Frayed Toe Gang

As Combat88 noted 'they're only pumps' and indeed they are.

I promised spring / summer and it doesn't get much more L'estate (clue) than these, they even come with white bits.

I'm not bla-ing on about a long lost gem, nor a startup punching above it's weight. Known in Italy as The People's Shoe, they've beeen in production since 1925 and are still as fresh as a daisy.

Pininfarina and Bertone may be but two of Torino's gems but they're not the whole story. Anyone who appreciates a bit of rolled jean + ankle/scalze action has to jump into a pair of Superga 2750.

Just rubber & cotton - none of that nasty man made stuff to spoil your summer.

Hats off to Walter Martiny, the Grand Frayed Toe.

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Friday, May 01, 2009

The Future Aint All Silver Lycra Mate....

Stansfield has been bang on the money since day one.

Taking inspiration from classic military clothing and work wear without churning out replica's. Placing a twist on them without being quirky for the sake of it. Looking to England and Europe rather than the all too common (but in fairness often worthwhile) rush to North America.

All of this (then, throw in Rushmore too) deserves a tip of anyone's cap and mumble of praise before it all's gets bit flouncy & uncomfortable.

I wouldn't want to rush through spring and summer before it's even happened but the sneak preview of what's coming from Stansfield AW09 (made even better with English cloths and making) would make even the most fervent seer sucker think roll on bonfire season and bangers waking me up all night:

Images Courtesy of Stansfield - Ta!

More Spring and Summer to follow (Auntie Beeb tells us it's gonna be a scorcher!)