Friday, June 25, 2010

Making it up.

Cuff, tank case, the obvious.

None of it can be knocked.

Rules means nothing.

Relaxed in your choice is everything.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Lost and Find

If you have even a passing interest in London, 1960's London, Mod's, Suedeheads and teenage rites of passage jump on Bronco Bullfrog.

And, when you do remember this pre-dates Jimmy, smashed Li 150's, Brighton and all that lot by ten years.

Saturday 19 June
Bronco Bullfrog + Q&A with Barney Platts-Mills
Curzon Soho

Friday 11 June
BFI Southbank
Genesis Cinema, Whitechapel
IFI Dublin

Saturday 19 - Sunday 20 June
Curzon Soho

Sunday 27 June
HMV Curzon Wimbledon

I had a little chat with Barney last night about Anne Gooding.

At 40 she had a heart condition and was told to take it easy; she died 10 years later having spent the time on the dance floor.

Very, very sad, but hat's off to her - work the time line you'll see why.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Knees Up Mr Brown

Bronco Bullfrog premiere is at BFI this evening.

It's a blinding day, RFH terrace watching the fluff blow is the warm up.

Anyway, before I start thinking South of the river is all Mwuah Mwauh here's a reminder, and they don't come much better. 1972;