Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer - reasons to be cheerful Pt I

So the walk from Scoop is gonna be a bit further but I'm guessing this'll be just what London needs...

I trust Neil & Ash will be in attendance?

From GT

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring.. reasons to be cheerful?

Do only the retired buy spring jackets?

Are lighter weight coats aimed only at the partially sighted, the depressed and military? Is spring the new winter? Grey, khaki, battleshit blue (sic) are all perfectly fine colours, but spring they ain't. New life, summer round the corner, do they sum up those images?


In which case in some quarters a rethink is required. And it's not too late.

In my small way to help check these out (The first needs no explanation, Weejuns, ankles & capris, yellow... it's all there. Guy Cotton - hunt them down; for the inner trawlerman and second to none)...

From GT

From GT

Monday, April 20, 2009

Summer Schmutter

Maybe it's early summer excitement, maybe it's that the picture captures the spirit of the white island, maybe it's maybe but which ever it is if you're looking for shorts for this summer this is essential viewing...

© 1988 Julie & Alan Arscott. Reproduced with consent, x.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fetch a Hose

If your shoe has a Goodyear welt you need a sock.

Any other option is a modern day emperors turnout.

Anyone with a honest eye can see this.

Get something appropriate for Spring. If you need a starter for ten see Pantherella, New & Lingwood, Jermyn St in general. I'm pretty sure UniQlo would sort you out even.


This isn't about rules of dressing or any of that old nonsense, make you're own up but, balance & style are inseparable.

John Smedley Nonnative

Lea Mills finest has hooked up with Japans nonnative to knock out a couple of sweaters.

On first sight they're sure to get the the blood racing but JS have been collaborating with the great & the good for years, so lets not get too over excited especially as the highlight - the coloured elbow patches have been about for a while (....Oliver Sweeney, Roberta Collina and even Eddie's boys down on Shoreditch Highstreet (Shorts Gardens RIP)).

Check them out on the blog or the eye candy below...

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hahahaha... Sixty Months (about).

I set this thing up 5 years ago. I've been busy.
Things haven't stopped.

In the meanwhile short strides have been making big steps;
Not offensive in their own right, why shouldn't Northampton's finest be given center stage?

Because all so often it's Shoreditch pumps taking the lime light.

They're cheap because they have no worth.
And, they've been causing footwear faux pars for longer than this site has been resting.

My rest is over, time for yours.

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