Friday, June 19, 2009

CRUNCH time...

Still not convinced by my yellow recommendations?

I think I can rest my case...

If not, time to pack yours; this blog ain't pour tu.

Ps. Lynn, #955 - you do the math.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mountain People

On Friday I caught the 16:10 from Euston to Snowdonian; I'd planned a stroll on Saturday. Out of town, in the middle of the green stuff.

Crib Goch is top Jonny; a fine place to spend an afternoon however it must be said for a nation that has led the way in outdoor style the current generation of walkers, ramblers, climbers and general outdoorsman need to sharpen up.

Shabby (at best).

Again, the curse of man made fibres is at play.

When I meet the devil I expect him to be in a fleece with polyester walking trousers.

No excuses either, the choice of proper alternatives is huge.

Here's a a couple of pictures worth bearing in mind next time you need you to head uphill:

Ps. Hats of to Don Whilland and many thanks to Angeles Chapter Archives