Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Odd Couple

Some things in life naturally pair up.

Salt and pepper, salt beef & rye, pink & green, Jag's and recovery vehicles, bikes and oil stains.

What doesn't do it is puddles and canvas.

Nor thin soles and ice.

Sub-zero and aeration.

So my why do I see Converse all year round in London?

All year.

Sun. Fine.
Shimmer. Fine.
Rain. No.
Snow. I shouldn't need to answer.

I know these people aren't unlucky; caught out by freak weather or rogue advice from today's Ulrika or Kettley.

I know this to be a fact.

An example two days ago - a girl with a full length unbrella and All Stars.

That was planned, wanton seasonal misadjustment.

Don't get me wrong the pumps are nice, so are JP's ('urcells Mr Ankles) but they're for the spring and summer.

And, they'll be here soon - save them.

It's always worth the wait.

MITUSA but for Spring/Summer.


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