Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Frayed Toe Gang

As Combat88 noted 'they're only pumps' and indeed they are.

I promised spring / summer and it doesn't get much more L'estate (clue) than these, they even come with white bits.

I'm not bla-ing on about a long lost gem, nor a startup punching above it's weight. Known in Italy as The People's Shoe, they've beeen in production since 1925 and are still as fresh as a daisy.

Pininfarina and Bertone may be but two of Torino's gems but they're not the whole story. Anyone who appreciates a bit of rolled jean + ankle/scalze action has to jump into a pair of Superga 2750.

Just rubber & cotton - none of that nasty man made stuff to spoil your summer.

Hats off to Walter Martiny, the Grand Frayed Toe.

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