Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pinch don't Plump

A smaller knot is cleaner, straight forward with no fuss.

The Windsor Knot on the other hand was invented to create something it never was.

The Duke of Windsor didn't use a Windsor knot. Nor did he dream up the knot.
He used a four in hand (the standard school boy approach) but had his ties made up in thicker cloth to make a bigger knot.

The Windsor Knot however was concocted to create the same effect with a standard tie.

It was for imposters.

London estate agents take note.

Here's Terry* showing off slim knottery at it's best!

*An imposter of sorts (TT pulled it off) but I'll return to imposters, good & bad, another day...


Blogger David said...

Ahh, dear Terry - one of the great comedy heroes.

2:52 pm  
Blogger Lynn said...

I didn't know this. Thank you. I'm visiting your blog.

6:12 pm  

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