Friday, June 04, 2010

Lost and Find

If you have even a passing interest in London, 1960's London, Mod's, Suedeheads and teenage rites of passage jump on Bronco Bullfrog.

And, when you do remember this pre-dates Jimmy, smashed Li 150's, Brighton and all that lot by ten years.

Saturday 19 June
Bronco Bullfrog + Q&A with Barney Platts-Mills
Curzon Soho

Friday 11 June
BFI Southbank
Genesis Cinema, Whitechapel
IFI Dublin

Saturday 19 - Sunday 20 June
Curzon Soho

Sunday 27 June
HMV Curzon Wimbledon

I had a little chat with Barney last night about Anne Gooding.

At 40 she had a heart condition and was told to take it easy; she died 10 years later having spent the time on the dance floor.

Very, very sad, but hat's off to her - work the time line you'll see why.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, do not understand your comment regarding tiring of questions like that?


2:43 am  
Blogger Mr Brown said...

You've lost me.

7:04 pm  

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