Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Digit Dressing

Leather gloves are everywhere. They're not a particularly taxing option.

Brown or black? Black or brown?
Bound seams, or not?

If you can't answer those yourself you're probably not safe to leave the house alone.

Anyway, leather can look all a bit too serious so don't over look wool, it's a wonder yarn.

Here's a duo that are worth a squint...

Filson's homage to Albert Steptoe covers Autumn:

Into Winter the traditional Dachstein boiled wool mitt has been used by generations of Austrian walkers and mountaineers - so I'm guessing it'll handle even the barren wastes of Centre Point base camp.

They're initially made up oversized and then carefully shrunk to fit - craft, not crud.

Boiled wool doesn't seem to get the use it deserves, it has a hard wearing felt finish that's soft to wear, is windproof and continues to keep you warm even when wet. More please.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Action whilst the sun shines...

It's pretty sunny.

And it's supposed to stay that way, for a couple of weeks ( no bets being placed on that however).

More importantly though Autumn* is almost here.

It seems like the ideal time, and last chance to get my umbrella serviced.

James Smith (see below) of course and, I must say, I like that place more and more.

Having dropped my umbrella off for servicing they took my address (physical for the techo-assumptive out there) and will post me an estimate prior to commencing the work.

Just like hand written receipts this sort of (tiny) thing makes me look forward to the chance of my next visit.

During hard retailing times it's worth a note. The cost is next to nothing but the experience is in a different league.

* Fall for our more literal readers, x.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Present Again

Brown HQ has moved and with it I've been on pen & paper mode (well, with a bit of 3g phone access but quite frankly that makes the 38 at Holborn look fast)...

Anyway, present again and with that I'm please to report Present is too.

I'm not going to bang on about it here; no need, not even the Nigel Cabourn stuff, Present x Trickers brogue boots (with Vibram sole) and Hartford Madras jacket...

It all exceeds the highest of expectations.

Get yourself along, they haven't opened a bricks & mortar store for nowt.

140 Shoreditch High Street, E1.