Friday, May 01, 2009

The Future Aint All Silver Lycra Mate....

Stansfield has been bang on the money since day one.

Taking inspiration from classic military clothing and work wear without churning out replica's. Placing a twist on them without being quirky for the sake of it. Looking to England and Europe rather than the all too common (but in fairness often worthwhile) rush to North America.

All of this (then, throw in Rushmore too) deserves a tip of anyone's cap and mumble of praise before it all's gets bit flouncy & uncomfortable.

I wouldn't want to rush through spring and summer before it's even happened but the sneak preview of what's coming from Stansfield AW09 (made even better with English cloths and making) would make even the most fervent seer sucker think roll on bonfire season and bangers waking me up all night:

Images Courtesy of Stansfield - Ta!

More Spring and Summer to follow (Auntie Beeb tells us it's gonna be a scorcher!)


Anonymous Mr Walker said...

Keep on with the sartorial rambling. It helps us distinguish a mulberry from a burberry from a blackberry.

3:06 pm  

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