Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Great British Two

The Quoddy's served me well through autumn, the Filson Steptoes too. I can't recommend either of them strongly enough* which is a relief as they'll be with me for quite some time.

(* Naturally the unnecessary Filson branding was immediately unpicked and removed).

Anyway, my first spring item arrived today, perfect timing, just as London got it's third pile of snow this winter.

This, and the admirable job blogs on the other side of the atlantic have served to the time honoured LL Bean Duck Boot prompted me to get my posting pen out.

As two of America's greats stood up so well it seems fitting to fly the flag for two British staples that'll make a stroll in any London weather an unencumbered pleasure.

They both carry Royal Warrants for good reason and although these Hunters (Gates, post '86 of course) were made in Scotland they're now off shored. Down the tubes or off shored - that's a hard one.

Thinking on this surely the classic wellington could have continued to be produced in Scotland and the newer additions (read (on the whole shocking) cash cows ) punted off shore? Many would willingly pay a premium for the real deal surely.

Trickers however aren't going anywhere they seem busier than ever.

These boots were made for walking I believe someone once said, perhaps if we issued the above to some of the current stay-at-homers that could be out of choice.


Blogger James said...

I'm waiting for my galoshes to arrive.....

6:14 pm  
Anonymous Mr Walker said...

Nothing completes a fine old English boot set than a pair of proper shoe-stays. I took delivery of my Grenson variety pre-Christmas, painted (yes, painted) in a very tasteful limewash.

When I insert these into my weary boots of an evening, I feel I am almost shaking the very hand of the Northants craftsmen who painstakingly built them.

Thankyou shoeman. Your boots will not go out of shape.

Not on my watch.

1:43 pm  

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